Monday, March 31, 2014

Commissioned gift...

While teaching some guitar songs to a new church choir member, he spoke to me about his trouble finding appropriate gifts for his wife's birthdays in the past.  He wanted to do something different this year and asked me if I could create a small piece for her, something colorful that included one of her favorite Spanish quotes.  This is the result.  She'll get it on Wednesday, April 2.  -Erico

"Agua que no has de beber..." (acrylic on canvas, 12x12") March 31, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Making It Speak:  Poets & Artists in Cahoots!

Seventeen artists from the Sheboygan Visual Artists and sixteen poets from the Mead Library Poetry Circle took on the challenge of creating new works inspired by each others' art and poetry.  The artists received envelopes (randomly assigned) with three poems from one poet.  The artist was to choose one of the poems for inspiration of a new work of art.  The poets received envelopes with three art images from one artist each (also randomly assigned).  The poet was to choose one of the artworks for inspiration of a new poem.

Most of us had never met the members of the other group.  It was an exercise in creativity and a challenge of inspiration.

From the envelope randomly assigned to her, "Tree of One" was chosen by Lisa Vihos to inspire her poem of the same name.

"Tree of One"  (acrylic on canvas, 12"x24") 2013

By chance, this was a perfect match in that the envelope I received contained three poems by Lisa Vihos.  I chose her poem entitled "Catching Poems" to create "Flights of Fancy Wisdom of Words" seen below.

"Flights of Fancy Wisdom of Words" (mixed media on canvas, 20"x24") March 2014
For some, the experience was quite the challenge.  Others found immediate inspiration to create a corresponding piece.  The end result is quite an exceptional side-by-side exhibit of poetry and art which opens with a Final Friday reception on Friday, March 28, at EBCO in Sheboygan.  The event will include a reading of the new poetry by members of the Mead Library Poetry Circle.    -Erico  

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Casa Romero Renewal Center...Silent Auction Item

I find I'm being asked to contribute more and more to silent auctions for various community organizations.  It's certainly an honor, but it is definitely a challenge at times.  And sometimes I ask myself, "Why did I say yes to this?"  But it forces me to dig deep, to think about what I am surrounded with and what others are lacking.  And I find inspiration in those thoughts.... and I paint.  -Erico

"Tree in Agua Marine"  (acrylic on canvas, 18x24") March 21, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Welcome to Inspiration Studios!  Art Gallery space complete!

Thom Ertl's assemblage art adorns the gallery space for the month of March.

The blackbox is ready.  Lights are in place.  Bring on the performances.

...and both look amazing!  March 1st was the birthday of INSPIRATION STUDIOS in West Allis.  Many hands helped to convert the beautiful building into a gallery for emerging and established artists and a performance space for theatre companies from near and far.  Calls have been coming in, emails have been received seeking rental information.  West Allis will be proud to have this venue in the midst of the downtown area.  I look forward to many exhibits and theatre productions.  -Erico