Wednesday, January 16, 2019

"Young Women" (acrylics, 30x40") Dali-inspired.
After comments that my "Beggar Woman" was too small for the large stage of The House of Bernarda Alba, I created this piece.  Its colors match the "Resting" piece that will also adorn the stage. I'm learning to enjoy this type of painting that is inspired by another artist's work.  -Erico 
The House of Bernarda Alba...inspired me to create two Picasso studies.

"Beggar Woman" (acrylics, 18x24") Picasso-inspired

"Resting" (acrylics, 24x48") Picasso-inspired
I was inspired to create two new paintings, inspired by Picasso, for the revival of The House of Bernarda Alba, my translated play that was performed at Inspiration Studios on January 4, 5, 6.  The play is being presented at AACTFEST 2019 in Verona, Wisconsin, on January 18-20.