Monday, July 28, 2014

Donations abound...

Lately, I find myself being asked often to donate pieces of art to benefit my church community and charitable organizations in the greater Milwaukee area.  I was approached by America SCORES Milwaukee, an organization that provides out-of-school opportunities for children, including athletics and arts, to consider creating an original piece of art for an October fundraising event.  The Inspired Art project takes poems written by America SCORES Milwaukee youth and asks local and regional artists to create one of a kind pieces inspired by their words.  Each piece of original artwork is photographed and compiled into a graphic collection of SCORES art and imagery with selected pieces brought to auction in a gallery-night themed cocktail event.  Inspired Art truly brings the words of youth to life.  It took a while to choose the right poem for me, but here it is.

Edwin, Age 10

I wish I was a star
To be high in the sky
Shining down on you
As you say goodnight

"Good Night"  (acrylic, 24x24")  July 2014