Friday, November 23, 2012

Sprinkles of Hope

"Sprinkles of Hope" (acrylic on gesso board, 12x12") April, 2012
Working on a new surface proved to be of great benefit.  Using a harder surface, such as gesso board, allowed me to create a sense of movement while keeping the darkness of night by using purples and blues in the background.  Wanting to continue the sense of movement to the hills and the stars, white was the obvious color choice.  "Sprinkles of Hope" was created on Palm Sunday, 2012.  This was the beginning of a week of hope for the world!  -Erico

"Pueblo" (acrylic on canvas, 12x14") Sep 2012
I have always been inspired by the colors of the southwest.  The adobe reds, the creamy browns, the turquoises and greens, the bright yellows and oranges....all have made me smile and challenged my ability to mix and blend.  "Pueblo" was created by adding layers and layers of color onto a purple/green/gray background, particularly the sandy yellow paths that connect the humble homes of this small community.  All of this under a cloudy sky that manages to showcase its not-so-hidden stars.  -Erico

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